Child Daycare Claims

daycareParents have to work – they have to establish a safe place for their children during their work hours. Daycare facilities are where most families will choose to leave their children if there is no family member or family friend who agrees to the task. Additionally, many parents decide that while they may have had one on one care for their child early one, by age 3 it is a good idea for socialization to begin so that the child learns principles of sharing and appropriate social interaction. There are numerous laws which govern these facilities from the child to teacher ratio and sanitation standards. Unfortunately, some facilities just don’t play by the rules and when they don’t it can cause great harm to a child. No child is exempt from the bumps and bruises that come with growing up – they will fall on the playground, have a fist fight, but it is when these things are at an extreme that it becomes questionable as to whether there was any supervision involved. We are always willing to talk to you to determine if what has happened to your child is within reason or something that is actionable. We have handled past claims of attacks where a helpless infant was left unattended in the reach of a toddler who bite him over ten (10) times leaving permanent scaring, a child being cut in the face by another student with a pair of scissors to teaching staff leaving hot beverages at a center table in the reach of the children and the toddler pulling it down on himself causing 2nd degree burns resulting in permanent scarring. If you are concerned about injuries to a child you love, call Spann Wilder Law, LLC at (843) 266-7792 or 1-800-866-3830.