Dog Bites

mean-dogThe laws of South Carolina are favorable for the dog bite victim. There is a strict liability dog bite statute and with few exceptions, dog owners or keepers are responsible for the animals they own. If you are in a public place or had permission to be on the property of the dog’s owner or keeper when you were bitten, you have a legal right to compensation for damages. However, provocation of the dog is a defense that can bar you from recovery.

An estimated 1,000 people are bitten by dogs each day. A majority of victims will require medical treatment. Children are the primary victims of dog bites. If you or a member has been bitten and seriously injured by a dog, you may be entitled to compensation for your injuries. Dog bites can cause puncture wounds and lacerations that may require repair surgeries including plastic surgery. Some of the worse dog bite injuries can also result in loss of sight, hearing, disfigurement and even death. Even with the best of care, the physical and emotional scars of a dog attack can last a lifetime. Call us if you have been injured by a dog bite! Call Spann Wilder Law, LLC at (843) 266-7792 or 1-800-866-3830.