Social Security Advice

sad-man-on-chairWhen you are applying for or appealing a denial of Social Security disability benefits, patience and persistence are key.

You need patience because the Social Security Administration is overwhelmed with disability claims and yours will move through the system slowly, especially if it requires appeals.
Being out of work and facing mounting medical bills may make the process seem even slower than it is. While there is much a Greenville disability attorney can do to help your claim, there is generally no way for him or her to speed up the SSA decision-making process, unless your claim falls into a few categories. Most request to expedite are denied, however, if it is granted it is only a few months short of the typical filing date.

Persistence is important because many claimants have their applications denied despite having physical or mental impairments that keep them from working. However, those claimants who appeal their denial through the administrative law judge hearing are awarded benefits more often than not. Your case decision really just depends on the luck of the draw at times as to the judge assigned.