Which Employers Need Workers’ Compensation?

shutterstock_111190559Every South Carolina employer and employee, with certain notable exceptions, is presumed covered by the state’s workers’ compensation act. Exceptions to this provision include railroad and railway express companies and employees, certain casual employees, Federal employees in South Carolina, businesses with less than four employees, and agricultural employees. (See S.C. Code Ann.§ §42-1-360 & 42-1-130 Click Here)

Employers who accept the provisions of the act are required to maintain insurance sufficient for the payment of compensation, or they shall furnish the Commission satisfactory proof of their ability to pay the compensation in the amount and manner due an injured employee. The South Carolina Department of Insurance and its director are responsible for approving the rate and classification for all workers’ compensation insurers. If you work for a company with more than four (4) employees, workers’ compensation coverage should be in place if you are injured. If you have been hurt and aren’t clear if you are covered, please call Spann Wilder Law, LLC at (843) 266-7792 or 1-800-866-3830.