We know firsthand the challenges every day working people face when confronted with job injuries or other tragedies that cause the flow of income to the household to become non-existent or very slow. We know that people need someone who can relate to them and be down to earth enough to make complicated legal matters seem elementary.


We provide compassionate representation for South Carolina’s injured. We work hard day in and day out for our clients who have suffered workplace, catastrophic and complex injuries, wrongful death, social security disability, vehicle accidents and other injury claims.   We are a Community Centered, Client Focused law firm.


We promise to do whatever it takes to fairly and aggressively represent your claim. We will tell you the truth about your case from beginning to end. We will do whatever is necessary to bring your case to a just and fair conclusion.


The pineapple is the firm’s logo, not just for looks, but because of its meaning  and the importance of it to our mission and promise. The pineapple is a sign of hospitality and welcome which grew out of travels to the Carribean by early sailors. Sailors soon learned that if a pineapple was placed at the entry of a village or on a fence posts that this was a place they were surely welcome.  Many fine furnishings still display carvings of pineapples for the element of welcome in the home.  Many Inns throughout the South still display pineapples in their decor.

At Spann Wilder Law we thought it only fitting that this symbol be a part of what we convey to you – that you are welcome, your legal claim is among friends who will tell you the truth– NO EMPTY PROMISES! Your friendship and lifelong relationship are most valuable to us, you are never “just a case”.